Author Lyman Rate - Creator and Artist of Worlds and Words 

About Me

Now it's time to say some stuff about who I am. 


I have been writing short stories as well as poems since I was in High School. However, it wasn't until 2013 that my girlfriend at the time challenged me to try and write a full story. I accepted her challenge and after a few months, the first book of the Ghost One Series was written. 


From there, I've learned a lot about writing, dialogue, and my writing style. Since then, I've written multiple stories, poems, and novels and only a few have ever been publicly released. I write Military Fiction which is loosely based off my military experience when I was in the Army. I also write Fantasy which is an interesting twist as I swore I wouldn't write it.




I had to go to the dentist due to a tooth being broken in my mouth (thanks to popcorn). While there, they asked if I wanted nitrous oxide or as some know it, laughing gas as sedation. Considering that most people to include myself, don't like the dentist, I opted for this. It is when I came out of the gas and was laying there, I got an idea for a fantasy story. Now, I have a full series written and in various stages of being published and I'm working on a second fantasy series. It's strange how things change.


When I'm not writing, I am spending time with my wife that used to be the same girlfriend that suggested I write and my two dogs, Zeus and Joplin. I enjoy nature photography as a hobby and when not doing that, I spend time synchronizing lights to music for the holidays. I live in Kansas and have also lived in California, Georgia, Texas, Alaska, and a very brief stint in Tennessee. While I enjoy Kansas, the one thing I enjoy the most about it is the weather as it is always changing. It's very much like writing; writing is so volatile and the writer must be adaptable to make the story awesome. 


I'm thankful to have the ability to create pieces of art through words and my imagination. I hope that I'm able to keep writing stories until the end of time and that my creativity, imagination, and visual telling of stories through words will enjoy many readers for years.