Author Lyman Rate - Creator and Artist of Worlds and Words 

Dragons, magic, unusual creatures, and so much more make up the fantasy worlds I have created! If you want to be whisked away to a land that will bring you into a realm where wizards work, and magic is honored then I have books for you.

Beacon Series

When a young man and his father go to the market, they have no idea that things will change for them forever. When a young wizard returns to his birthplace to challenge his father, a war will break out which will alter the course of the world forever.


Dragons, women with healing powers, a forest with a deadly secret, a search for the child that will one day reign as the new high wizard, and a promise by the Protectorial Trio to defend Rohuna and the beacon of life or die trying are what makes up the Beacon series.

Book One - Coming Soon!

Nogard's Treasure Series

A dragon has killed everyone James has known and tarnished his family name for hundreds of years. Now, he seeks revenge and the ability to right the wrongs and bring honor and riches back to his name. But, he has no idea exactly how important the Great Dragon Nogard is and will have to make a decision no one will ever expect.


Dragons, dragon hunters, death seekers, magical prowess and skill are all wrapped up in this series as one man gathers a small group for the ultimate quest: Find Nogard, kill it, take back his family honor and the treasure the Great Dragon hordes.

Quest of a Lord - Book One

The first book in this series will follow James as he lives a nomad lifestyle due to being the laughingstock of all villages. This, changes when Lord Gylbarde offers him the chance to reclaim the honor of his family name and is willing to fund his quest to find the Great Dragon Nogard. 


Gathering a small rag-tag group of people that include a thief, a bar keep, two dragon hunters, and a blacksmith who is just there for something different to do, they set out to find the mysterious mountain that is the entrance to Nogard's lair. 


Will they find it or die trying by the hand of death seekers, each other, or dragons? 

Coming in 2022