Author Lyman Rate - Creator and Artist of Worlds and Words 

Ghost One Series (A Jayson McCorbin Thriller)

A President’s daughter, a fireman that used to be in a covert secret military unit, being kidnapped, and a series of events that could jeopardize the United States and the world, the Ghost One Series will keep you on edge from start to finish. Think Jack Reacher mixed with Clive Cussler and it’s one book series you won’t want to miss.


Operation: Jaguar - Book One

Being a firefighter is tough, which Jayson knows all too well. After escaping his responsibilities for some much-needed R&R in the mountains, he never expects to run into Sasha, the President's daughter, who happens to be hiding out in a cabin not far away from his own.


When the Secret Service find her location, they also find Jayson and assume he kidnapped her. Taking him back to Washington, D.C., they sort everything out and he returns home only to find himself become kidnapped.


Word gets back to the President and nothing is as it seems with this young firefighter. Digging into his records they find he used to be part of an elite military unit called Ghost One. With the President ordering Ghost One to find Jayson, they plan for a standard rescue mission, when new intel changes everything.


The kidnappers are using Jayson to locate some vital information that, if in the wrong hands, would send the world into a nuclear war. Ghost One must now not only rescue one of their own, but also prevent the kidnappers from using any information Jayson is able to get.


Failure is not an option for Ghost One, and this mission will test their abilities. If they fail, it would be the unit's first.


It would also be their last.

Code of Deceit - Book Two

Jayson is back working within the government, this time at the Citadel, where he is in charge of the National Cyber Security Network.


Everything is fine until he finds out that someone has found a problem with the code that he created for the firewalls that protected the nation's database. When that person is suddenly killed, they realize that this could be something much larger. This is confirmed with OTIS, the computer system he and Krystle had built is hacked and now he must find out who is behind this attack and how they did it. With the help of his Cyber Response Teams, he finds out something troubling.

It wasn't one hacker or group that hacked OTIS. It was three.


Shocked by this information, he asks for and is given permission to use Ghost One to eliminate this hacker threat to the nation's security before they can get past the firewalls. Not sure how to go about this, everything changes once again when OTIS is attacked a second time, nearly crippling it.


Realizing he has no choice Jayson must coordinate Ghost One to attack three locations at once. The only problem with this, is that Ghost One has never been split up in this manner. This mission leaves no room for error and the clock is ticking. Jayson knows that if Ghost One succeeds, they will stop the hackers and save OTIS. If they fail, Ghost One might be lost forever and the cyber network vulnerable to being penetrated by any country in the world.

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