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I would not be able to do this podcast without these sponsors and would like to give them a page dedicated to them. Please take a moment to click on their images and give them a shout out as well! 

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Estrella Editing - Where every author has the chance to become the star they truly are. Editing services that range from structural to simple proofreading, Estrella Editing can also create book covers and build custom websites Estrella Editing is your one-stop-shop for everything an author needs. Visit them at

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Three Ravens Publishing - The written word will never be the same.


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“Carla Morrow is a fantasy artist specializing in painting True Dragons and capturing their energies on paper. Through Light, Color, and Energy Carla Morrow of DragonLady Art channels the energies of Dragons that dance at the boundaries of our perceptions and brings them to the light so that others may experience and enjoy them.“


You can visit her and buy some of her artwork at